Nicholas Wootton


Portrait of Teresa Flew, Steel Acro-prop (construction industry device for supporting structures) drilled with 22,738 holes, nickel

‘Teresa’ refers to Mother Teresa, whose letters, discovered after her death, revealed that she had increasingly doubted the existence of God for the last four decades of her life. ‘Flew’ refers to Sir Anthony Flew, regarded for the last 40 years by many scholars throughout the world as the father of modern and militant atheism. Flew at the age of 81, announced to an incredulous and global atheist audience that ha had come to believe that a deity did in fact exist after all.

From 4th-6th September I’ll be showing 16 pieces at HAPPIDROME THREE concerning the metaphysical human condition, population growth and autobiographical memory. The work is made from a wide range of media including furniture flatpacks, books, lead and radioactive isotopes. Much of the work is experimental so I’ll be welcoming any views and coments.

Viewing times
September 4th 1pm-6:30pm
September 5th/6th 10:30am-5pm

For directions to the site, see the Visit Us page of this blog.


  1. Sara Bowler

    Great image Nick.

  2. Q

    see you Saturday lunch time

  3. Sara Bowler

    Excellent show Nick – you’ve used the space brilliantly and shown what’s possible in there.

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