in search for the other

In search for the other 01

In search for the other… an experiment of a human radar system – sounding out, sensing, recording, mapping out, interacting, listening, ripping off and tacking on, relying on the inner senses, whilst the outer senses are muffled and distorted. Traversing the terrain dragging two suitcases filled with rope, stones and discarded clothes to be suspended as empty shells inhabiting the green canopy and derelict WW2 buildings and remains on the site.

Encounters are welcome, negotiating contact and personal space through using speechless sound and body language. An investigation of the other’s presence will take place and recordings will be exchanged. A collection of data will become visible and grow with each experience.

The finale will take place in the bunker: sightless searching in an empty void, once the final contact is made, the spell is broken and the bandages fall.

Dear Happidrome..

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