Bunker building at the Barbican

Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski is building a replica WW2 bunker in the Barbican….Here’s the slightly breathless blurb from the Barbican website!

“See The Curve transformed into a World War Two-era bunker! For his first UK solo show, Polish artist Robert Kusmirowski draws inspiration from his own imagination and personal memories to create a highly atmospheric installation of a bunker. Encounter mysterious rooms, forgotten objects and dark tunnels as you are transported into another time and place.

“Renowned for meticulous simulations of historical settings, Kusmirowski’s installations challenge the notion of the real. His works delve into the personal and collective past, unearthing complicated histories and questioning memory.

“In  his recent project The Collector’s Massif (2009) at Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow, Kusmirowski displayed his vast inventory of objects from previous installations alongside a private collection of toys. At the New Museum in New York, he constructed Unacabine (2008), a replica of the remote cabin in Montana where Polish-American terrorist Theodore Kaczynski conceived his mail bombing campaign against American universities, airlines and other companies. Kusmirowski’s Wagon (2006), exhibited in the 4th Berlin Biennale, was modelled after train carriages used to transport detainees to Auschwitz. Bunker draws on the Barbican Estates’ history and location on a site devastated by bombing during World War II.”


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