Here we stand – Goonhilly history piece – Pictures from Saturday

Here are some photos of my piece in situ at the Happidrome this Saturday.

Here we stand, drops a radar beam back through the history of the Goonhilly Downs through the period that the Dry Tree has stood on the site. It consists of three simultaneous animations; one circles the Dry Tree Megalith, one records the transitions of the stars across the sky from Goonhilly over a year once every hundred years, starting from the night of the exhibition and running back to 300BC the approximate date of the Dry Tree’s original erection. And the other fades back through views of the maps of the area from the modern OS map back to Gascoyne’s map, the earliest known map of the area. This animation is intended to show some of the key events that happened around the site, currently including the building of Arthur and the passing of  the Spanish Armada.

View on entering
View of the piece as you entered the space

View of the three animations

View of the three animations

One comment

  1. Sara Bowler

    This worked incredibly well and you utilised the space brilliantly. Really pleased I saw it and look forward to seeing its next showing (either in reality or digitally!).

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