Ghostly Lugger of Croft Pasco Pool


Ghostly Lugger of Croft Pasco PoolIn the midst of the dreary waste of Gornhilly, which occupies a large portion of the Lizard promontory, is a large piece of water known as “Croft Pasco Pool,” where it said at night the form of a ghostly vessel may be seen floating with lug-sails spread. A more dreary, weird spot could hardly be selected for a witches’ meeting; and the Lizard folks were always – a fact – careful to be back before dark, preferring to suffer inconvenience, to risking a sight of the ghostly lugger. Unbelieving people attributed the origin of the tradition to a white horse seen in a dim twilight standing in the shallow water; but this was indignantly rejected by the mass of the residents.

Popular Romances of the West of England; the drolls, traditions, and superstitions of old Cornwall (1865)

Robert Hunt (1807-1887)


  1. Cat Bagg

    Sara, this is beautiful image, so glad you finally got it out on the water.

  2. Sara Bowler

    Thanks Cat – it’s quite an adventure going out there in the wee hours in the dark!

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